Winter Break Art

Hello, and happy Winter Break! To celebrate this long-awaited break from school, we are introducing an exciting initiative to encourage students to create and share their art! From today to January 4, we are accepting submissions of your art to display on the website when Winter Break is over. We accept almost any form of art you’ll create- digital art, pictures of your physical art, stories, poems, song lyrics, and much, much more. If you are planning to submit art, please complete these steps:

To submit your art, please send an email to In addition to attaching your art to the email (photo, file, etc.) please answer the following questions. You can even copy and paste this question template and fill it out on the email:

  1. What is your first name?
  2. What grade are you in?
  3. What is the title of your art?
  4. What is an additional note you have about your art (what inspired it, what is it meant to convey, etc.) to place next to it?
  5. Do you have a social link to an art account (preferably Instagram) where people can go to see more of your art?

Again, remember to attach your art to the email. By sending the email, you are agreeing to let us display it on the website, along with the other information you submitted. We are planning to display all submissions, however your art may not be displayed if it does not follow the submission guidelines. Please see that here:

Thank you for your submission, and happy holidays! if you have any questions about this, please email