Review: Champion of the Titan Games

Warning: SPOILERS!

Thursday, November 12th, 2020: Champion of the Titan Games

INTRODUCTION Published just this past month, October 2020, Champion of the Titan Games is book four of the five-book series Dragonwatch, written by Brandon Mull. Dragonwatch continues the story of Kendra and Seth Sorenson from where it left off—all the way back in Mull’s previous Fablehaven series, which was met with much general acclaim and public approval. There are no plans for a movie adaptation, keeping in style with Mull’s previous works. 

SUMMARY Champion of the Titan Games quickens the pace and deepens the plot of the series significantly. Both Kendra and Seth, physically separated, both make their way to one of the last dragon sanctuaries left standing, run by the Giant Queen; Kendra, to seek protection against the dragons and rally the giants into taking a stance against the winged rebels, and Seth, to reclaim his memories from Humbuggle, the demon-dwarf being who took them from him in the first place. 

But, as Kendra quickly discovers, the giants are not worried about the dragons at all. They see them as inferior beings, too insignificant and proportionally tiny to make a difference. The Giant Queen is an arrogant, scornful monarch, and the security she provides for her sanctuary is minimal—every sane reader will come to hate her. Instead, she spends her resources running the Titan Games, in which contestants from all over the world come to her sanctuary to compete for honor and riches. Much to Kendra’s dismay, the Queen shows no interest in helping her make a stand against the dragons.

Meanwhile, Seth arrives at Titan Valley. He meets several new friends and allies, who help him on his quest. Eventually, he winds up at the Titan Games when he finds out that the contest is run by none other than Humbuggle himself. When he finally comes face-to-face with the dwarf, Seth is sent on another quest to prove himself worthy of his memories. Warily, he agrees—what could go wrong?

Well, everything. It turns out that the Giant Queen was wrong about the dragons—a true twist that I am sure none of us saw coming. While the Queen focuses her efforts on the Titan Games, the dragons breach her defenses and chaos breaks loose. To save themselves from a slow demise at the fangs of their enemies (is that a valid expression?), Kendra and Seth must cross paths and secure a talisman, deeply entwined in history and buried in the depths of Titan Valley. Fail, and they forfeit their lives and everything blows up.

Everything does not blow up. That doesn’t even make sense. The point is—they forfeit their lives and everyone cries.

REVIEW I would give this book an 8/10. It was a pleasant read, I must admit, but there were a few flaws here and there. Several times I had to put the book down and reflect on how cringe a scene was. Also…not a huge fan of the dialogue. It sets up book five nicely, though, and it makes me pretty excited for it. Except his books always come out in yearly spans. So now I have to wait until October 2021. 

Suffering is a part of life.