Until the Robin Rises Once More

This is not an article. It has little to do with literal robins, more with figurative ones. The robin I am discussing is, of course, PCMS Sidekick. Get it? Because––because we’re called “Sidekick” and Robin is Batman’s sidekick and––and I’ve been wanting to use that joke ever since––since I wrote my first article––and I––

But on to more pressing matters. I’m sure there will be an official announcement in a few days’ time, and I’m sure I’ll be able to count the number of people who actually read this on a nonexistent hand, but I’m just going to come out and say––our little publication is coming to an end on Thursday, June 17th. Except we lost our Thursday crew a long time ago, so really, it’ll come to an end on Wednesday, June 16th. As such, this constitutes my last article for the press. It also explains why this isn’t really an article.

As the title hints, however, there will likely be a return of some kind from Sidekick. Like the red and yellow birds of old, we will rise once more from the ashes when the summer comes to a close. In what fashion we will return I do not know, and neither does anyone else, really, but a return of some kind is likely.

That being said, I had a grand time, typing up these articles every week. Thank you all!

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