Three Features We Are CRAVING for in the iOS 15.

Most people who follow technology will know that June is traditionally an exciting month for the tech world. We observe the events of Expo E3 in which console, mobile, and PC gamers gather to watch the newest updates and installments. It’s also known for Apple’s annual WWDC Conference. As we all know, the conference presents Apple’s plans for the following year, and this time around, they include the new iOS: iOS15. Many fans are excited for the new model. Here are three features that most people want to see installed.

  1. Split Screens

An option for split screen at this point is a growing feature on many other phones, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and the LG Wing. Unfortunately, this may be a difficult move for the people behind Apple to pull off, since there’s only so much space you have on an iPhone.

  1. Notification Settings

The users are also clamoring for a more personalized and friendly notification setting feature. Many are tired of having to switch notifications for, say, their emails, on and off continuously. What’s more, they want to personalize their notifications. For example, a user can mark his status as ‘Driving’ and may not want to receive emails at the moment. Later on, that user can update it to something around the lines of ‘Available’ or ‘Busy’ and receive emails then. It would be even more helpful if these options were on the home-screen and available when you open up your basic settings from the top right corner from there. Luckily though, it is said that this setting is most probably coming to iOS15.

  1. Food Tracking

This isn’t entirely confirmed to be coming to iOS15, but it is said that Apple may be introducing a method in which the Health App can track what we’re eating. The user will most likely have to enter the info of what he is eating as it is highly unlikely that the phone will be even able to track such a thing. This can be extremely useful to the users that have to limit specific quantities of nutrients that the human body has to take in. For example, if you are diabetic, then you will not want to take in a lot of carbohydrates as your glucose levels will rise even more. 

These are the majority of the fun and cool features that we want Apple to present in June of 2021. iOS 15 is expected to hit iPhones 7-12 and will potentially revolutionize much of the phone industry as we know it. Thanks for reading!

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