A PS4 Issue in – 2021?!

With the PlayStation 5 being released around half a year ago, many of us have seemed to move on from Sony’s last successful console, the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately there is a big mess going on right now for PS4 owners. Many PS4 players are waiting for a Sony announcement or update to help fix the issue. As of now, here’s what’s going on:

An issue lurking in older PlayStations’ internal timing systems threatens to eventually make every PS4 game unplayable, hence rendering the PS4 unplayable. Right now, it’s not a matter of if but when this problem will occur.

The problem; The CMOS battery inside every PS3 and PS4, which the systems use to keep track of the current time (even when they’re unplugged and not in use). If that battery dies or is removed for any reason, it raises an internal flag in the system’s firmware indicating the clock may be out of sync with reality.

Why do we need these batteries though? Well, the PS4 apparently has the timing check to make sure that the PSN trophy data is correct and up to date. This is needed to play any PS4 game, unfortunately. Yes, this won’t be a problem right at the moment as PS4 consoles have on average a 15 year life span for their CMOS batteries, but one day Sony will eventually have to cut the wire to the PS4 PSN store when it is deemed no longer important.

Sony could, however, simply release a firmware update that could help fix the issue and solve everything for the hundreds of thousands that still own the PS4 and have not been able to get their hands on the new PS5 yet.

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