Marvel Movies, HYBE and Ithaca Holdings, and New Music (a whole bunch)

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their spring break wherever you are! The weather sure is nice, but I’m here to tell you about this week’s entertainment news. As many of you know, there are many new releases of movies throughout all our streaming platforms, stretching from each genre. But, some of the world-wide favorite genres, Marvel (Marvel Studios is probably a genre itself, having produced dozens of superhero movies over the years), has advertised trailers for Black Widow and Loki. Black Widow, although deceased, is a marvel superhero who started out as an operative for the KGB and later became one of the Avengers. This new movie will tell the backstory of the Black Widow and will be released on June 9, 2021 on Disney Plus. The other Marvel release is a serial on the ever-so-favorite villain, Loki! He was sadly murdered during Endgame, but this series will show the exploits on this character. This new series will be released on Disney Plus on June 11, 2021.

As spring time comes in full force, many artists are releasing singles and albums as the pollen floats. BTS recently released their new Japanese single, Film Out. Film Out has stirred many theories on whether or not it is correlated to their Bangtan Universe (or BU for short), but this single is going to be used in a Japanese movie called “Signal: Long-Term Unsolved Case Investigation Team.” Another new release is Imagine Dragon’s new single, Follow You. Imagine Dragons is known for their alternative/indie music, and they’ve created many popular tunes such as Demons, Thunder, Believer, Radioactive, Natural, etc. Also, IU, a Kpop soloist, released her new album Lilac! Lilac, like the color, has soft, really catchy melodies and tells the listeners about a sweet goodbye during the spring. IU reminisces how the goodbyes would leave a bittersweet tang but feels softer and happier as time goes on. It’s quite popular because of her soft voice and her amazing visuals (I’m totally not promoting singers, heh). Daniel Kang, who is now a soloist but used to be a member of the Kpop boyband Wanna One, released a new single called Paranoia earlier this year. Not many people know of this soloist, even I recently discovered him, but his music is quite fascinating. In his new single, he talks about his experiences with panic attacks and how it feels like he’s “just crazy or dreaming awake” and he cannot escape. Paranoia, although it sounds like a pop song, holds a deeper meaning if you read the lyrics.

Now, since we’re on the topic of Kpop, the entertainment giant HYBE (it was known before as Big Hit Entertainment), has recently acquired Ithaca Holdings. For those whom don’t know either management/entertainment companies, here’s a quick run through. HYBE, is an entertainment company that includes Big Hit Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, Source Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment, Superb Corporation and now Ithaca Holdings. This massive South Korean company holds famous Kpop singers such as BTS, Tomorrow by Together (a very good up-and-coming boy band), Seventeen, ZICO, Enhypen, GFriend and many more. Ithaca Holdings is an American entertainment company that holds many famous artists that are rocking the Billboard charts year after year. These artists include Ariana Grande, Jusint Bieber, J Balvin and so many more. Can you imagine that? An Asian company that is taking over and merging two companies together and more-or-less an American entertainment company! This shows that language is clearly a boundary that can be easily overstepped on and the fact that Asia is adding and more to this American culture.

I hope you guys have a great Friday, and enjoy your spring break!

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