Apple Is Holding This Year’s WWDC Virtual – Again.

We’re covering some very recent news today. Approximately 30 minutes ago, Apple confirmed the date for this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). According to a Tweet from Greg Joswiak (below), the conference will take place on June 7, 2021. It goes without saying that the event will be virtual.

What’s even more exciting is that Apple usually unveils new products and features at these conferences. Last year, for instance, Apple stopped using Intel processors and switched them out for their own chips made of silicon (below). This year, some people are predicting that they might even come out with an entirely new design for the iMac!

The Apple M1 Chip that was thrown into last year’s presentation. 

What’s more, a Bloomberg Report suggested that the newer model may look closer to Apple’s expensive Pro Display XDR, which is expected to run on Apple chips. Jon Prosser, another famous leaker, claimed that the new desktops will even feature color settings, similar to that installed in the 2020 iPad. They include green, rose gold, and blue.

Even though the event is still a good 3 months away, many Apple fans are getting ready. Regardless of what happens, we’ll all have to wait until the first Monday of June to see just what Apple has for us! Thanks for reading.

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