A Major Scientific Discovery Could Find Life in Space

Does life exist on other planets? While we don’t know for certain, scientists have discovered substances that could point to extraterrestrial life. 

Carbon molecules are the basis for life here on Earth. We are made up of carbon, and so is every living thing around us. Because carbon can easily bond with other molecules, it can just as easily create complex forms of life. Scientists have long considered carbon a requirement for creation. In other words, if carbon exists, then so can life. 

Scientists have long speculated about the presence of carbon in space. These carbon molecules take the form of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). PAHs exist on Earth, too, and they can be found in substances like coal and gasoline. Recently, scientists have discovered two PAHs “gatherings” in space that have changed the way they think about these molecules. Until now, scientists had presumed PAHs needed warm temperatures, so they were largely surprised. The two PAHs have been able to form at a whopping -449.67 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists had also assumed that all PAHs formed “out of the ashes of dead stars or by direct chemical reactions in interstellar space” (sciencenews.org), but that’s not possible with these new PAHs. They must have come into being by different means that scientists are working to discover.

This discovery of carbon in space could lead to the discovery of life on other planets, including the presence of aliens of some sort.

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