Netflix’s Flicks Embrace Heterogeneity

Some you have probably heard of Netflix. Some of you might have watched a movie on Netflix. Some of you might even be watching Netflix on a regular basis––but that’s pretty unlikely. Whether you’re a fan of the streaming service or not, however, this will get you excited: Very recently, Netflix announced that it would be investing $100 over the span of five years to “improve the visibility of underrepresented groups on-screen and identify and mentor up-and-coming talent from marginalized groups in the film and television industry.”

So, what does all of that mean in English? Well, to put it simply, Netflix is making a large investment ($100 million!) in an effort to encourage and nurture diversity in the film industry, which the company has a fair amount of sway over. It started when the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative conducted a study, which Netflix itself requested, to determine the amount of diversity stretched across its “on-screen talent, producers, writers, and directors.” When the results came out, it was found that while the streaming service has certainly taken steps to promote diversity in the content it produces, there is a lot of room for improvement. Netflix, for instance, has yet to make LGBTQ and characters with disabilities a common sight on their platform. Since then, the company has decided to work harder to bridge these gaps and further embrace some much-needed heterogeneity.

What Netflix plans to do next largely remains a mystery to the general public. But, regardless, it’s nice to see a major player in the film industry adopt a little more diversity.

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