Are Crows the Solution to Our Environmental Woes?

Crows have been widely regarded as pests ever since they made themselves at home in our cities. But as our world changes, our attitude towards these ubiquitous birds can, too. 

Just how smart are crows? According to CBS, they’re one of the top five smartest animals on the planet. Crows are known to have an excellent memory, and they can communicate effectively with each other. This combination of intellectual ability makes them incredible at adapting and surviving. In addition––believe it or not––crows have been known to hold funerals for their dead, and even make art.

The relationship between humans and these remarkable birds is fascinating. Crows have been known to bring gifts to humans, as in the case of an eight-year-old girl from Seattle. They bond tightly with trainers. Josh Klein, a hacker from Seattle, has even managed to train crows to use a vending machine, inserting coins in exchange for peanuts. He says crows can sort electronics, trash, or even work in search-and-rescue, all thanks to their amazing memory. 

Already, we are starting to see this take effect across the globe. For instance, at the Puy du Fou theme park in France, zoo workers have managed to train six highly intelligent crows to find and retrieve trash for a tasty treat. Their success is proof that, in order to save the environment, we must look for solutions everywhere.



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