Olivia Rodrigo’s feat on the Billboard Global 200, George Clooney Rendition of Dynamite

Hello everyone! This week Olivia Rodrigo, the artist who sung the hit “drivers license,” has stayed on Billboard Global 200 for over seven weeks! This position has usually been taken by popular Kpop acts like BTS, EXO, and Blackpink, but Rodrigo has stayed at number 1 and beat BTS’s record of 6 weeks on the number 1 position on the Billboard Global 200. Rodrigo is a singer and actress that starred in many films and tv shows such as Bizardvaark and High School Musical, but she was brought to attention after her hit single, “drivers license.”

Moving on, recently, George Clooney did a rendition of BTS’s Dynamite for W Magazine’s Best Performances virtual celebration. Although many of you might expect the musical rendition, but Clooney surprised others by doing a poetic reading of this iconic song. Throughout the rendition there were some very amusing sections where he stopped to do the “dyna-na-na-na” in the song. Of course, saying this line instead of singing of it is a task that not many can do and it must require a very good respiratory system (tried and tested by me), but overall, this reading of Dynamite is quite funny and interesting.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and please enjoy the first few days of March! Spring is coming (along with March Madness)!

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