New Marvel Movies and Shows and weird but helpful things to buy on Amazon in this weeks article

Today we will be talking about new marvel shows and movies coming out and some weird things to buy on Amazon to kill your boredom. I sure have enjoyed these products, I hope you do as well.

5 great things to buy in quarantine that may be useful in daily life

*does include spoilers* Marvel has done a spectular amount of movies and has done amazing jobs on each of them. Continuing the MCU from the movie ‘End Game’ will be a series of movies and TV shows to keep you entertained and intreeged. Kicking off we have the new Black Widow movie that has got us excited from the get-go. Black Widow is a trained spine and assassin first introduced in the Iron Man movies, Natasha Romanoff was a spy under cover to spy on Tony Stark for S.H.I.E.L.D so she could see if he could join the Avengers or Project Marvel. The Black Widow movie is supposed to tell us Black Widows back story and tell us how she went on her journey to be the powerful women she was. This movie is meant to come out around May 7th. Next is Wandavision, this show has brought other dimensions and universes into the Marvel universe. Although this isn’t as “new” as any of the other movies and shows, this show still has so much potential for the future. Even though this show only has a few more episodes left in this season, it has blown my mind how amazing Wanda Maximoff’s power is. She is holding a whole other show or dimension just with her magic. Speaking of magic, Loki the god of mischief is coming out with a show near May 2020. He is known for trying to rule the world and getting his hands on any infinity stone known to man. Loki is Thors brother and is next for the thrown of asgard. Loki has been in many Marvel movies switching on and off from bad guy to good guy. H zme is a well known character in the Marvel universe and in Norse mythology. Im excited to see what will be happening in that show but I haven’t watched the trailer yet because I heard I may be spoiled something but thats just from the grape vine. As Captain Americas two best friends Falcon and the Winter Soldier or “Bucky”. They are having a show made about the both of them and the pressure to live up to the standards of the new Captain America, they are faced with danger every second they hold his shield. Now this is going to be brief but there is a new movie coming out in November ish that is meant to be really good called the “Eternals” which is an old comic book series that I enjoyed but there isn’t much about this movie but if you search it it says it is supposed to come out on February 12th but it is clearly not out yet so just clearing that up. Now, last but not least. The second Black Panther movie, sadly the actor for the main character has passed away from cancer but this movie is set to release in 2022 so they haven’t made any changes to the movie sets though and it is supposed to start filming near April 2021 so we may have a movie coming out but no one is sure about it yet.

Thank you for reading my Ted Talk, haha. I hope you have an amazing day.

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