Staying Safe During a Snowstorm

While the worst of winter is behind us, snow still lingers in the forecast. This makes it very important to prepare for the months ahead. But don’t worry! Preparation is easy and simple. 

Even though some of the emergency supplies needed in the event of a snowstorm are obvious, it’s worth going over them. First, you’ll need a flashlight (and extra batteries) if the power goes out. You’ll also want to check that everyone in your family has a warm winter coat and blankets. As for phones and computers, make sure you have battery packs, and that they’re fully charged. If you can, get a battery radio so you can receive warnings and information on what to do, even if you don’t have cell service. During a storm, keep the radio on. Drinking a lot of water is essential to combating dehydration, so make sure you have easy access to some. Drive as little as possible, as the roads will be extremely slippery.

Snowstorms can be scary for pets in particular, as they’ll have no idea what’s going on. If you have a pet (or pets), ensure they have extra plastic bags or kitty litter (depending on the animal), as well as thick blankets. Tell everyone in your family where the pet carrier(s) is, so that you can carry him/her around safely if you ever need to leave the house. If you have outdoor pets like chickens or horses, ensure they have food, water, and ways to keep warm, and make sure they can be accessed without your help; you might not be able to get to them for several days. If possible, it might be best to bring them inside.

To prepare your house for a snowstorm, you should make sure you have a reliable heat source. If you have a fireplace, make sure you have enough fuel. Check with your parents to see if your house has proper insulation. 

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