The Tech Results of Superbowl 55

Superbowl LV, also known as Superbowl 55 took place on Sunday, 3:30PM for those in the Pacific Northwest. However, there was just more than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rolling over the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. In fact this Superbowl was a start for many great things coming in the tech future.

Firstly, the venue of the Superbowl, also known as Raymond James Stadium located in Tampa, Florida decided to start using the new phenomenal 5G internet speed for its fans. 5G is a massive upgrade from 4G, causing your download speed to go higher by a lot of percentage. It had 1,522 access points and 950 APs installed within the the stadium. Deploying a Wi-Fi solution for thousands of fans comes with its fair share of technical complexities, with the pandemic on top of that. Verizon, in fact powered the 5G internet speed.

Secondly of course, are the TV Advertisements. Yes, the ones we saw from the brands like Cheetos and Marvel. Did you know that those 30-second ads cost around $5.5 Million US Dollars? Moreover, the entire ad revenue that the NFL would make is around $450-550 Million USD! The digital ads were sold for around 300,000 dollars and that on average, the ad-time for the Superbowl will be around 45 minutes long. For the first time Budweiser will not have a Super Bowl ad in 37 years, rather, they made a public-service announcement informing others about the coronavirus vaccine. Pepsi and other well-known brands are also not inserting their ads into the Superbowl prime-time period (even though Pepsi did sponsor the Superbowl Halftime Show starring The Weeknd).

Lastly, let’s talk about the broadcasting. For the 21st time, CBS Sports Network will broadcast a Superbowl, making it the most network that has broad-casted the big game. Fox and NBC are not that behind though, and with both of them combined, they can easily take out the current leader in broadcasting.

Thank you for reading this article, and we at PCMS wish you a happy week. See you next Tuesday!

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