Trevor Noah Original Feature, Big Hit and YG deal, Upcoming Super Bowl Performance

Hello everyone! The well-known, South African comedian Trevor Noah has recently stated that he would do an original feature with Paramount Pictures. Noah is known for his witty, satirical humor that has captured audiences around the globe. He has his own show where he informs his listeners of politics in America called the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Although little is known about his upcoming film with Paramount, the Variety newspaper describes it as “timely, poignant and comedic” (the link to the Variety article is shown below).

Also, during this week, the two big entertainment giants in the K-Pop music industry, Big Hit Labels and YG Entertainment, has signed a deal that can help the artists in both companies. These two companies are one of the top four entertainment companies in Korea and are rivals in the industry. Big Hit is well-known for managing the ever-so-famous BTS while, YG is now managing the hit girl group BlackPink. In this deal, Big Hit is buying/investing $63 million into YG, and in exchange, YG will help merchandize and distribute Big Hit activities. Big Hit will also include YG in their Weverse Platform. Weverse is a platform created to connect idols from Big Hit (and some other artists) to their fans through posts, videos, and membership. This strategic move can help both companies promote their artists and increase their stocks, along with a hopeful collaboration between the artists. Well… that may be a far fetched, but I can hope!

As many know, there is always a spectacular performance that takes place during the Super bowl half-time. There has been amazing artists that have performed during this break time, including Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, just to name a few. This year, the Canadian artist the Weeknd will be performing at Raymond James Stadium at Tampa, Florida. The Weeknd is known for releasing their hit song Blinding Lights, which spent four weeks at No.1 on the Hot 100 2020.

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend! Thank you!

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