Students Offer Mental Health Support to Medical Professionals

Mental health doesn’t seem like much of a priority right now, not when COVID has the world in a crushing chokehold. But anxiety and depression remain real and ominous––mental health is still an important concern, and we may be too distracted to realize it. Luckily, some of us have not forgotten, and they are willing to help.

Recently, two undergraduates at Tuft University––Megha Tandon and Krishan Guzzo––created a website that provides resources that can help maintain mental well-being, and they’re using it to help those of us who may need it the most: medical professionals and volunteers who fight our battle against COVID on the front lines. Every day, they selflessly risk their own lives to continue the struggle at great personal sacrifice; not only are they at risk of contracting the pandemic, but they are also much more likely to experience major symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It’s not surprising, considering all that they do.

Motivated by this sacrifice, the students decided to help out in their own way. Write Megha and Krishan, “After scouring the web for a site that not only presented mental health resources in an organized manner but also was designed for those working in healthcare, we found nothing. In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, we found it essential that such a resource be available, which led to the creation of this site. Though COVID might have been the catalyst that sparked this project, we plan to maintain it indefinitely.” Their website offers a curated list of links and resources that direct users to “meditation apps, games that aim to alleviate depression, and sleep-aid programs.” It also allows them to attend virtual therapy sessions run by professionals in the field.

Truly, it’s heartwarming to see that people care about those who are giving up the most for some vague, omnipresent greater good. Others are sure to follow in Megha and Krishan’s footsteps, inspired by their readiness to take action.

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