Ways to be Eco-Friendly

It’s essential that we work to save this planet; after all, it’s the only one we’ve got! Here are some simple things you can do to pitch in:

  • Buy recycled items: Nowadays, many companies sell products made of recycled items such as tin cans and plastic. While these companies’ products cost a bit more than that of other sellers, it’s completely worth it. 
  • Avoid plastic storage: If you’re packing for a picnic, make sure to bring glass containers instead of plastic ones. Plastic items like single-use grocery bags take some one thousand years to fully decompose, whereas reusable bags can be-–well, reused again and again, conserving space in the global landfill. If you need to use plastic, try to save it so you can use it next time.Washing Ziploc bags instead of throwing them away, for instance, is far better for the environment.
  • Shop local: Buying locally helps reduce the environmental cost of shipping. Huge cars and trucks produce enormous amounts of air pollution, so you’ll be doing the Earth a favor by buying food at the local farmer’s market. (To further decrease carbon emissions, consider buying what’s in season. This way, you’re not purchasing food that has to be shipped from halfway across the world. As an added bonus, in-season food tastes better, too.)
  • Avoid washing your car at home: When you wash your car at home, soap runs into storm drains and ends up polluting the ocean. Car washes, on the other hand, have specific rules that regulate where the water goes.
  • Carpool: This one’s extremely easy. By riding on a bus or with a friend, you’ll be reducing carbon emissions drastically. Do the environment a favor and cut down this superfluous pollution.

So there you have it––five things you can do to help the Earth! Below I’ve listed some tried-and-true low waste brands: 

  • Allbirds (Shoes): Allbirds make sustainable shoes from recycled materials. They use recycled bottles for laces and recycled cardboard for packaging. Additionally, their wool is from fairly treated sheep.
  • Burt’s Bees (Makeup and Hygiene): Burt’s Bees’ products are zero-waste––that means they don’t throw away any plastic. 
  • Cotopaxi (Outdoor Gear): Cotopaxi manufactures gear from eco-friendly materials in factories that run on humane conditions. They also annually donate 1% of its revenue to people in need.
  • A Good Company (E-Commerce): Like Amazon, A Good Company (yes, that’s their real name) provides a way for consumers to buy what they need. Unlike Amazon, they use sustainable materials and eco-friendly packaging.

Thanks for reading! I hope this simple list has inspired you to help out in your own way.

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