Hungry Family Gets Caught Shoplifting and Kind Officer Understands the Situation

Understanding the reasons behind a person’s actions can help you see what they are going through, and sometimes what you think is just blatant rule breaking might actually have more to the story.

One great example of this is the story of Matt Lima, who was responding ot a shoplifting report at the local Shop and Stop. The store manager claimed that two women with their children had exited the store without scanning their items on the self checkout kiosk, and Lima took the two suspects aside for questioning. They explained that in the midst of the pandemic, the family was having a hard time making ends meet  The mother of the children wasn’t able to work.. They had no choice but to stoop to the level of a criminal.

Instead of pressing charges, the noble officer handed them Notice Not to Trespass forms, along with an unexpected surprise- a $250 gift card to help them feed the family. His boss described this generous gift as “a testament to Officer Lima’s great character and decision making.” Lima himself said of the family: “They were very thankful, and kind of shocked. … I just did what I felt was right. I tried to put myself in another person’s shoes and show some empathy. “ What a great example for us all!

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