Local Artist Document Months of 2020 Through Face Masks

Two artists who work out of Seattle found an interesting way to cope with some of the uneasy memories of 2020- through photography and paints of artsy face masks!

There are two artists working hand-in-hand to offer people a digital and watercolor portrait of themselves in a mask. One is a photographer, and the other the painter.

He says that he does not create and photograph people wearing masks anymore for money, but rather this is a ‘personal project.’ He even took photos of people in November with masks that had “VOTE” in big words.

The painter also says that like the photographer, he doesn’t do it for money, but for history. Both artists allow their model to take home their painting/photo and keep the memory forever.

This business has been booming. With the power of social media, these artists were able to capture photos of many people doing their part to help the community by wearing a mask.

Image and story courtesy of KOMO 4 News.

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