Gift Ideas for Fans of…

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Hi everyone! As many of you know (and many are eagerly waiting for), Christmas and winter break are coming soon. Many are filling up their Christmas lists and preparing gifts for others, but some (like me) are struggling to find the perfect gift for their friends and family. Here’s a couple of ideas for fans of different artists and TV shows.

Fans of… Taylor Swift: As many of you know, Swift has recently released her new album, evermore. For her fans, some great gift ideas for this Christmas are: a new Instant Film Camera with Taylor Swift’s album cover for reputation, a mug with some of Taylor Swift’s most iconic lines in her songs, a vinyl set for Swift’s album, folklore, album ornaments to make your family’s Christmas tree brighter, or a folklore-inspired sweatshirt. I mean, aren’t these really awesome gifts, you may even want to add them your own wish list!

Next for some diehard BTS fans: As many of you know, BTS has been gaining some prominence and fame in America since 2019 (some may argue even before that), but for this Christmas, for your ARMY friends or family, you may consider getting them: BT21 key chains that come as plushies or figurines, their new album BE (deluxe edition may be a better choice because it comes with more add-ons), BTS Uno cards that are fun for the family, or a sweatshirt with the BTS logo on it (this gift looks very sleek and stylish).

For some fans of… The Office: This TV show has been a classic and has brought laughs to many fans around the world. Treat your friend with laughs from a What Do You Meme: The Office, Office-themed socks every day for twelve days before Christmas, a music box that plays the theme song of the Office (with some of its iconic lines engraved on the outside), and maybe, just for fun, you can get the famous stapler in the jelly (as a paperweight).

Lastly, for the fans of The Mandalorian, give them an adorable baby Yoda console holder that will cheer them on throughout the battles and wins. Or a blueprint of famous Millennium Falcon to pin on their wall or to gaze at to drift to a galaxy far, far away. Another great, amazing gift is a Han Solo ice tray that shows Han Solo being stuck in carbonite (that would look really cool in a glass of lemonade). Another option could be a tool that every young Jedi needs… Lightsaber Chopsticks! These chopsticks will light up as you battle through your food.

I hope you guys have some ideas to give to your friends and family for this upcoming winter break. Stay safe and have a great winter break!

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