New Movies, Notable Moves on the Billboard Hot 100, and the Korean Wave

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Hi everyone! I’m Sophie and I’m going to be writing every other week with Emily in the Entertainment category.

As many of you know, streaming movies and listening to music have been very important during this pandemic. Multiple streaming platforms, such as Disney+, Netflix, and HBO, have been releasing movies and shows to keep their consumers entertained and continue to use their platforms. Some upcoming, well-awaited movies and TV shows that are currently coming out to these platforms and in theaters (if they’re open) soon are Croods 2, Wonder Woman 84, the second season of The Mandalorian, Soul, and Black Beauty. Many of these movies postponed their production and release date due to the pandemic, but thanks to the producers’ flexibility and brilliance, we are now able to watch new movies while we have free time during the pandemic (I wish that was the case for me). I, personally, cannot wait to watch the new Wonder Woman movie due to the fact that it involves the Amazons (from the Greek myths).

This week in music, due to the new release of BTS’s new album, there has been some shifts on the Billboard Hot 100. Right now, souring through the clouds at number one, is Life Goes On by BTS. This song tells the listeners how the pandemic has impacted everyone, but as the song says, “life goes on.” It reassures its listeners and fans, whom are called ARMY (but seriously, they are kind of like an army), and tells them to be happy and patient because this pandemic won’t last forever. I’m quite a big fan of BTS and when I heard this song, it made me feel reassured and all my worries floated away to an ocean of calm. At number two right now is Mood by 24Golden feat. iann dior. This song has been on the charts for about 13 weeks! I mean, that itself is an impressive feat that many songs struggle to pull off! Now at position number three is another song from BE, BTS’s new album, is Dynamite. This song was first released in the summer and it gives that cool, pop/funk vibe. It has stayed on the Hot 100 for 14 weeks (another amazing feat)! At number four on the chart is Ariana Grande’s Positions. Positions was released about a month ago and it was featured in Ariana Grande’s new album called Positions. Number five is I Hope by Gabby Barrett feat. Charlie Puth. Many people have heard this song, whether it’s on the radio or on your playlist, and it has been on the Hot 100 for a whopping 48 weeks!

Moving on to a massive cultural wave that came from Asia… The Korean Wave! Most people have never heard the term Korean Wave, but if you have heard K-Pop, watched K-Dramas, or even eaten Korean barbecue, you’ve experienced things that were brought by the Korean Wave. To clarify it a bit more, the Korean Wave is the spreading of Korean culture, whether its food, music, movies and many other things, to other countries. This wave has two parts, the first wave and the second wave. The first wave spread K-dramas, literature, and K-Pop to nearby Asian countries and influencing them. This first wave also gave Korea a major profit and started the second wave. The second wave spread K-pop, K-dramas and food even further abroad to America, South America, and Europe. The uniqueness, fashion, dancing, tunes and more allured many people and caused massive fans from abroad.

Have a great weekend everybody! If there is anything you wished to be mentioned in the Entertainment category, please comment or give feedback!

2 thoughts on “New Movies, Notable Moves on the Billboard Hot 100, and the Korean Wave

  1. What a fantastic first article! Your explanation on the first and second Korean wave was so informative and interesting. So excited to see what new articles are to come from you.

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