Seattle Seahawks’ Week 12 Round-up!

Today, we interrupt our usual Organization & Technology article to see a special Seahawks rundown. Please remember that this piece has a bias supporting the Seahawks, and merely reflects the author’s own opinion. Readers are encouraged to support whatever team they choose.

This week we saw a fierce Seahawks vs Eagles match, in which the Seahawks just outplayed Carson Wentz’s Eagles. The Seahawks defense actually came to light again, mostly by sacking Wentz a number of times. Dunlap and Jamal Adams are looking great this year. DK Metcalf is still the beast we know. Chris Carson is back on the field looking better than ever, and his teammate Carlos Hyde is also shining like gold.

The Seahawks started off first, pummeling all the way down to around the four-yard line; unfortunately, the Eagles defense kicked up there. They fended off all four attempts, forcing Russell back onto the sidelines and Wentz onto the field. This went back and forth until Russell broke through the Eagles defense with Metcalf’s slant third-down conversion plays. Darius Slay just couldn’t keep up with DK Metcalf; apparently the two players got physical after the match.

Metcalf has made it clear this season: do not mess with him, or he will utterly humiliate you.

The Eagles then scored a touchdown as well, but the one-point extra field goal is no good: score 7-6. Eventually, the Seahawks hit up another one, turning their six to a seven with a field goal. At one point in the fourth quarter of the game, the Seahawks and Eagles were at the iconic score of 19-7, a repeat of last year’s game.

Yesterday, however, Seattle bested the Eagles and emerged with a triumphant 23-17, just after the Eagles threw a successful Hail-Mary to Richard Rogers in the end-zone, flipping one to 17. Seattle followed with two successful field goals, courtesy of Jason Myers, an expertise in kicking for the ‘Hawks.

What more magic could we be seeing from Wilson, Metcalf, Myers, and Dunlap? In WEEK 13! Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you all next time. Hope you enjoyed!

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