High School Janitor’s Car Stolen, But Not All Hope Was Lost

“I’ve been here 14 years, and I love these kids, and they love me.” These telling words define his job as a janitor at Arvada High School in Colorado.

William “Wild Bill” Manning is a janitor like no other. He is remembered and respected for his willingness to connect with the high school students, cleaning up messes both physically and otherwise. From greeting students in the hallway to attending sports games to cheer on the team to helping a student get through a rough day at school, every ounce of his kindness is needed in these trying times.  

One high schooler interviewed on NBC News summed it up perfectly––“Everyone wants to support Bill because they know how much he would do for you whenever you need help.”

Two weeks ago, Manning’s car was stolen in the dead of night. Bill could only pray for God’s grace, since this was his only method of commute; and, just as the student asserted, the kindness he had shown did indeed manifest in the form of these selfless students. Ian Fonsecca started a fundraiser to help compensate on Wednesday, and about 4,000 dollars were raised in just 48 hours––a testament of an unbreakable familial bond that exists at this school.

We can learn a valuable lesson from all of this––the true friendships with people and the fact that you can complement and rely on them through thick and thin are some of the most valuable experiences you can get. The bond you share with your peers, teachers, families, and friends has power-–it can get you through a bad day or a rough patch of time in your life, and it can make what would normally be fun even more so. We all have our scuffles, our disagreements, and our “small brain” moments, but true friendship goes beyond that into a world of love, laughter, and life. Hopefully this brightened your day. 😊

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