Grammys, New Christmas Music, and Taylor Swift in This Week’s Entertainment!

Hello, and happy Friday!! Since yesterday was Thanksgiving… IT’S NOW THE HOLIDAY SEASON!! Happy holidays. Today I will be going over Meghan Trainor’s new Christmas album and Taylor Swift’s new Disney+ movie about making her newest album Folklore while in quarantine. I will also be going over the Grammys new list and details about it. Sadly there’s not much new in gaming today, but if you guys want to learn about anything gaming-wise I’m always happy to answer your calls… just tell me in the Comments or the Contact page!

Mehgan Trainor was someone I grew up listening to, and her new Christmas album takes me back to walking into Justice and her music was always on. Her new album is named “A Very Trainor Christmas” and it has 18 songs in it. It is a great playlist to jam out to while putting the new Christmas decorations up. Meghan Trainor became very popular with her song “All About That Bass” in 2014 where the song was appealing to older and younger kids.

Taylor Swift is one of my absolute favorite artists. She has been an idol to me my whole life ,and when I heard she was coming out with a show on Disney+, it made me so happy. I love her new album Folklore, and she was in quarantine when she made this album. Folklore was one of the first albums to be written AND composed IN quarantine, which is pretty cool in my opinion. Compared to her last album Lover, Folklore is a whole new style of music. Folklore is like nice calming beach waves met a nice cozy candle that you find at Bath and Body Works.

The Grammys is a big award show where people present the best album award, but this year a lot of people were snubbed out of the Grammy nomination list. Harry Styles newest album “Fine Line” was taken out of the nomination list, and other artists like BTS, BLACKPINK, and the Weeknd’s new albums and singles were also taken out. Even popular artists with chart-topping albums this year were taken out, like the Weeknd’s new album “After Hours” and Halsey’s “Manic,” which in my opinion should have at least made it in.

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and PLEASE let me know if anyone has any questions on gaming, music, and any celebrity drama I can add into my articles. Have a wonderful day!

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