Android vs iOS – Which One is Better?

Android and iOS are two of the most common Operating Systems (OS), on one of which your smartphone probably runs. Both Operating Systems have a strong user-base, and there are just so many ways to determine the superiority of each one. But which one is truly the best? Find out from my research in this article!

Let’s first look at how Android bests iOS. Android is an amazing OS made by the people (i.e., it’s open-source, which means that anyone can modify it) and managed by Google. Now, the prices of Android phones fluctuate a lot. Your budget phone is Android–note that I say ‘is’. That’s because Android powers almost every single phone that isn’t an Apple iPhone. iOS is higher on the cost spectrum, whereas an Android can be purchased for a price as low as $50. When you compare Google’s Play Store to Apple’s App Store, the Play Store possesses a greater number of apps by far–2.7 against 1.8 million. Android also gives its users a broad array of tools with which they can personalize their devices. Apple, however, is pretty limited when it comes to customization. What’s more, Android makes it much easier to sideload apps–just download a .apk file and install/run it.

Now, we look at iOS supremacy. This OS was made specifically for iPhones, and its User Interface (UI) trumps Android’s by far. The apps and the placing/sorting it offers are just so neat. Everything is well-organized; iOS is easy to understand, to such an extent that a toddler could use it. Apple consistently keeps their OS up-to-date by releasing updates every now and then. It also has the better calling and messaging feature; rather than releasing six different platforms that essentially do the same things, like Google’s Android, Apple relies on one stable, default application–FaceTime, one that comes free when you buy an iPhone. And when it comes to security, iOS easily beats out its Android counterpart once again. With its frequent security updates, meant to patch up hacks and vulnerabilities, it’s the more reliable OS. On the other hand, Android does not offer so many updates, which makes it more susceptible to hackers and online theft. Besides, iOS is the ‘OG’ in OS (ha!); Android just jumped the bandwagon a few years later.

In my humble opinion, however, I would say that Android takes the win; it simply improved upon the foundation Apple had been the first to lay laid with its iOS. Google also fixed many of the issues that Apple has failed to address thus far, and honestly, just because you’re first doesn’t mean you’re the best.

I do hope you enjoyed my article. Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you all next time!

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