One-Month Anniversary Special!

To all of the beautiful Sidekick readers,

Hi, my name is Abigail. I’m the manager of Sidekick. You might know me from this website, from school, or both. On the one month anniversary of published articles today, I was just hoping to send out a letter to you guys saying thank you for a fantastic month, and share a fun backstory on how we started. I hope all of the love and gratitude I’m trying to send you can reach on your end.

The very first seed planted that would ultimately grow the lush tree of PCMS Sidekick was in a very strange era- the end of the 2019-2020 school year. ISD schools were closed quickly due to the surge in COVID cases, and a widely unorganized void of required work was present in most students’ lives. Some of my friends were saying that it would be a lot easier to have one site with all of your homework on it. So, I got to work. I made a website with different homework calendars, one for each grade, and spread the word. I named the website Sidekick to replicate the feeling of having someone who’s got everything figured out by your side and at your service. By the time I had completely finished, the summer was over and the district was using Canvas, which was a much more widely all-in-one site for students. Sidekick was irrelevant, unneeded, and had a shrinking audience. Statistically, things were at an all-time low. I was personally falling into a pit of homework.

I decided to restructure the site, which I realized would be the only way to revive it. Only eighth graders and teachers might vaguely remember the PCMS Press, a physical newspaper in the 2018-2019 school year. I knew we couldn’t do a real, paper newspaper, so I set out to change Sidekick into a blog format and employed some students. I’m so grateful for the melting pot that is our Sidekick team- many of the members are homeschooling this year (because of COVID) or have moved, but we all have the common goal to make great articles and the shared pastimes of good memories at PCMS. Once some teachers began promoting our website and we grew a friendly social media presence, we began to develop a community of readers. Writing doesn’t feel like a chore to us, rather a fun and exciting outlet that we are fortunate enough to share with the school. We also love hearing from readers- did you know our World News Comics section came from a reader suggestion?

We dedicate ourselves to our articles, and promise to for as long as we can. We hope that our articles can give you something to look forward to every morning, and maybe make you smile, like our logo, whose full name Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (named by our Instagram followers).

Thank you,

Your trusty PCMS Sidekick

Shoutouts to the people who made this past month happen:

The teachers who introduced Sidekick to their classes.

The people read our articles and subscribe.

Our community of friends and followers on Instagram.

And, of course, the team.

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