Carpenting with Kindness: How a DIY project became a business

Mitchell Couch is a prime example of one using their talents or careers to help others, both to have fun and give back to their community.

It started with his own kids’ clutter from distance learning due to new COVID-19 protocol, which was in desperate need of its own organized space. Couch whipped up a DIY wooden desk with about $50 worth of supplies, and after posting on social media, he was overwhelmed with request for parents to replicate his creations with a blueprint.

But what is the significance of having a separate space for school? “We heard from teachers that the kids who have their own space to learn do so much better with distance learning,” Couch told CNN, recalling what he’d taken away from a parent-teacher conference. “It’s so much easier to separate home and school life that way. When you’re done with school, you can leave the desk and come eat at the kitchen table.”

Mitchell Couch put together a video on his YouTube channel with step-by-step instructions on how to build the desks, and it was a huge sensation. Among thousands of viewers were family friends David and Karin McKinney, who owned the local Grocery Outlet in California. They offered to cover the cost of supplies if Couch made 35 student desks, and he jumped for the project with much enthusiasm. His family has also teamed up, with his kids joining the assembly line whenever they can. His wife Janessa has also set up a GoFundMe page in hopes of keeping the momentum going.

2 thoughts on “Carpenting with Kindness: How a DIY project became a business

  1. I believe they are on a sort of call and the girl is inside a place where she has to wear a mask like a work space or a cafe.

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