New Hope For Australian Animals

In the beginning of this year, Australia had one of the worst fires ever seen in mankind. It took away the homes of over a million animals living in Australia. Now, over nine months later, some of the koalas that were injured or taken away from their natural habitat are finally being released back into the wild. Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, located in New South Wales, specifically works with koalas. It is the only koala-specific animal hospital in the world and has cared for 26 of the koalas injured in the fire. Some of the koalas sustained severe burn injuries, including one named Anwen. Anwen went viral on the internet for pictures of her horrible burns from the fire, and she is thriving and healthy today. After many months of recovery and rest, these koalas are finally going home. Many other animals who suffered injuries during the fire are still recovering and will be going home as well. During the times of the pandemic, a lot of gloom and uncertainty has been going on around us, but these incredible animals who made it through the worst can serve as hope for anyone going through a bad time.

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